A variety of classes to meet your needs.

Drawing from traditional Filipino martial arts to more modern styles, we teach an innovative and contemporary system of self defense. No matter what your previous experience, our signature style combines movement, rhythm, and timing to be learned now and to be applied today in moments that matter. We are one of few arts specializing in weapons, Filipino dirty boxing (Panantukan) and Filipino ground defense (Dumog). 

No experience is necessary for any of our classes, except for the advanced Filipino Martial Arts program.

Eskabo Daan Filipino Martial Arts.

Are you interested in learning a system that will teach you how to fight smart not hard? Want the ability to be able to use everyday items as tools for your self defense? Options on the type of force used?

Eskabo Daan is a system for the thinking individual. Here you will learn intelligent ways of utilizing everyday items for self protection and to learn multiple options on the use of force. Eskabo Daan is a system that can be individualized to cater to your needs and wants.


In a nut shell, one learns how to defend:

  • Weapon to Weapon 

  • Empty Hand to Weapon

  • Empty Hand to Empty Hand

Kickboxing (Panantukan or Filipino Dirty Boxing).

Tired of the same old boxing or kickboxing workout? Spice it up with Filipino dirty boxing.

This is a one hour class designed to give you a great workout. At the same time get you to learn the basics of:

  • Footwork

  • Boxing

  • Kicking 

  • Kneeing

  • Elbowing

  • Clinching

  • Foot Trapping

  • Head Butting 

Come learn self defense and get in shape at the same time. ​

Class Locations

San Francisco

Fridays at Lafayette Park

Daly City

Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays/ Saturdays at 200 Northgate Ave., Daly City

Filipino Martial Arts Classes for Kids.

Our Filipino Martial Arts classes for children are fast-paced, fun-filled, educational and motivational. Kids that join our program will grow and learn in a positive, well-disciplined and encouraging environment.


Each class is filled with exciting, high-energy drills that are carefully designed to develop important life skills at an early age.

Self Defense for the People.

Self Defense for the People is a unique program for everyone who wants to learn effective street smart defense to protect themselves and their loved ones. 


Classes are taught in an easy to understand manner for all people regardless of fitness level or age. We encourage you to explore your own strengths as you learn to fight smart, not hard.  We emphasize using your wits rather than physical prowess.